Something magical happens when Jen applies her beautiful makeup line. You feel lovely products going on your skin, yes. But somehow you start to share personal thoughts with Jen: your struggles, your accomplishments, your goals. Jen naturally mirrors what she hears back to you and as if from a place of knowing reminds you of how powerful you are, how beautiful you are, how strong you are. You begin to feel lifted up, as if by your biggest fan, or your best friend and when she’s done, you look in the mirror at how your skin, your eyes, your cheeks are now flushed and glowing, you notice that also your heart is glowing. You feel positive and ready to take things on. ‘What just happened?’ you might wonder. And that unique cocktail of makeup, conversation, support, and an inexplicable dose of intuition, is what Jen brings through her product creation and application, and by simply being herself. Jen has created the only makeup that I use as well as a tribe of women who love to simply be in her presence. That is truly magical.
I first found Sam & Maddy Makeup when I saw a photo my friend @monamasi posted of herself after a session with Jen. I loved her glow and how natural she looked. I was getting married for the second time and needed someone to do my makeup, but was concerned about looking too artificial like I had at my first. Going into this wedding, my husband Tommy and I planned every detail of our day with simplicity and ease in mind. Jen helped to deliver everything I wanted. I left for City Hall feeling like myself. As Tommy put it, “It was Katharine, but amped up a notch.” When I needed less, she toned it down. When I needed more, she knew just how much to add. That day Tommy married me, and not some artificial version of myself. Jen was a critical part of making our day special and memorable.