Unleash your inner glow

When you love yourself its effortless to glow.

But how do you learn to love yourself?

You need to Grow to Glow, but you can’t grow or glow if you're stuck.

I believe all women should be Fun, Fearless, and Feminine and here are my services to help you get there.

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When you're stuck the stress shows on your face and you will never glow the way you should.  Are you are afraid of making changes, stepping out of your comfort zone, or challenging your current situation? Do you put others first or are overly accommodating? Are you critical of yourself, lack self worth, are self-doubting, self-sabotaging and don’t think you are deserving? Do you constantly feel guilty when you take time for yourself?  IS FEAR STOPPING YOU FROM MAKING A MAJOR LIFE CHANGE? ARE YOU NOT AS HAPPY AS YOU SHOULD BE, BUT ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT? 

I will help you in the most gentle kick ass way to get unstuck and take ownership of your life so you can finally live it to its full potential. I know from experience there are no shortcuts, and you can’t skip the struggle but it will be worth it.

$250 per Hour

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Women are their most beautiful when they are on fire! When you are motivated you have more positive energy, feel sexy, empowered, and have more control. You radiate differently and your self worth increases.  

Do you need help getting motivated?  Do you need a little push or need to be inspired? Are you having a hard time breaking a habit? Have you had something on your to do list for months now and you just don’t get to it. Do you need a cheerleader, someone to go to a fitness class with until you are comfortable going alone? Want to try online dating, but come up with every excuse why you don’t? Do you just need a good kick in the ass to get things moving?

I know the power and magic of having someone to support you and I know together we can accomplish anything. YOU'VE GOT THIS!

$250 per Hour

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Have a one on one session with Jen- from anywhere in the world!

I will change your anxiety into excitement, turn your negatives into positives, and your fear of failure into success.

Contact to discuss options & pricing.

$125 Half Hour Session or

$250 per Hour

Session Length:
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Manifest your desires

I believe in the power of manifesting & have been making personalized manifestations for my friends to help in all sorts of areas. 

The results are always powerful.  

After a one on one session, (amount of sessions may very) I will personalize manifestations for you. We can do as many as you want, as they are all unique depending on the focus. 

$200 Each

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Group rates

If you are interested in an Inner Glow session for a group or party please submit an inquiry through contact page. 

We can also combine with makeup services

Rates will vary on group size and travel.