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~ Unleash your "INNER GLOW"

I knew I wasn’t living authentically and that I needed to make a few difficult changes.  But I was afraid, lived in denial, and made excuses for a very long time. At the same time I had two young children, no family in this country and was trying to grow my small business with no financial backing.

Fear was holding me back and I felt stuck. I literally had no glow. I knew if I wanted to grow I would need to continuously fight through my fears, become brave, and be assertive. Change is never easy and even more so when you are the one pushing for it. But your insides are the foundation of everything and you can’t pretend to be happy when you’re not.  I always say that if you’re not true to yourself on the inside - I can never make you glow the way you should.

My experiences have empowered me to create the Inner Glow Services so I can support and empower other women to live authentically and to step out of their comfort zone. Because growth requires change and you’ve got to grow to glow.